“Black Tides: Racial Geography in Alameda”

WHEN: Tue Feb 13 | 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm
WHERE: 1550 Oak Street

Join us to celebrate the African American History Month’s theme of “African Americans in Times of War”.

Rasheed Shabazz will present “Black Tides,” the first of a series of presentations on Alameda.

World War II was a transformed the Pacific Coast cities of the United States. The second World War ushered in what some historians call the “Second Great Migration,” as five million African Americans migrated from southern states.

Before the war, less than 300 Black people called Alameda home. Before the war ended, over 6,000 resided on the island, predominantly segregated within wartime housing projects on the West End. By 1970, the majority of the projects were gone. 

Using government documents, newspaper accounts, and oral histories, this presentation demonstrates how race and conflicts over housing transformed the racial geography of the City of Alameda during and after the war.

More info: https://alamedaca.gov/library

"Black Tides: Racial Geography in Alameda"

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