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WHEN: Sun Jul 12 | 2:30 am - 4:30 am
WHERE: 2513 Blanding Ave

Dig out your antennas, dust off your time machines and venture back to the days of flying saucers, lost planets, and X-Ray eyes. Join the fearless Yay Girls and Mr. Entertainment for virtual Rhythmix SciFi Bingo: 10 rounds of performance art spectacle, cosmic entertainment and outrageous costumed revelry on a campy voyage into outer space.

Only $25 for 10 games, and the chance to win valuable prizes in support of local Alameda and East Bay businesses. 15% of proceeds from Rhythmix SciFi Bingo will support Alameda Strong Emergency Relief.

When you purchase tickets you will learn how to meet us in cyberspace on Zoom.

Martians invade Alameda -- Rhythmix Sci Fi Bingo

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