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Radiance – Luminous Art from The Crucible @ Rhythmix

WHEN: Sat Nov 13 | 4:30 pm - 6:30 pm
WHERE: 2513 Blanding Ave

Radiance brings together the artistic talents of eleven current and former Crucible faculty members and advanced students utilizing a variety of approaches in their work.

Exploring the creative use of radiant and reflected light as both material and subject matter, Radiance artists captivate the mind with innovative combinations of chemical elements, natural substances, man-made materials and found objects. Copper, Krypton and Neon concur with glass, steel, paper, wood, and feathers. Bed frames, phosphor powder, plastic, incandescent light bulbs and other objects can also be found woven throughout these works.

All participants are required to wear masks throughout the duration of the event.

FREE… RSVP recommended


Image: Norman Moore, Over and Under, 2021, single electrode neon, LED, acrylic, and painted fiberboard, 18” x 32” x 4″. (photo by Dylan Moore)


Radiance – Luminous Art from The Crucible @ Rhythmix

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