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The Commercial Streets Program has been extended for two more years. Details to be announced.

Effective November 1: Face coverings are required while inside restaurants, retail stores, and other public settings, regardless of vaccination status. For private offices and fitness centers with controlled entry, face masks are still required if not everybody is vaccinated. Request a complimentary "Face Mask Required" sign

We're committed to providing relevant information to help your business thrive in Downtown Alameda. We encourage you to explore this page and familiarize yourself with the resources, opportunities, and programs available to downtown businesses, and to take an active part in your downtown business community.

If you operate a business within the Park Street Business Improvement Area (see map), you are a member of the Downtown Alameda Business Association.

Member News Updates

updated 11/5/21

Board & Committees

updated 10/22/21

Things To Know

updated 11/20/21

Commercial Streets Program

updated 11/4/21

Holiday Campaign

This year's Holiday Campaign will be focusing on the theme TOGETHER as a way to encourage the community to support our local businesses. Let us know which of the following downtown promotions you would like to participate in.


Facade Grants

The City of Alameda has re-opened the popular Façade Grant Program to help local businesses and property owners spruce up their storefronts. The program offers 50/50 matching grants ranging from $500 to $15,000, depending on the improvement.


Upcoming Webinars & Workshops

The Downtown Alameda Business Association in partnership with the City of Alameda, West Alameda Business Association, and Alameda Chamber host various online sessions to benefit our local businesses. Click on titles to join the discussions. Click Here to submit a question or topic suggestion for an upcoming Business Town Hall.

Learn from practical business trainings covering key topics from marketing basics, to e-commerce, to operating your business in a pandemic world. Online trainings are available at no cost. Browse the SBDC calendar

About the Downtown Alameda Business Association

Mission & Purpose

The Downtown Alameda Business Association serves as a support network for the businesses located in Alameda's Park Street Business District. The Downtown Association's goal is to develop an economically prosperous business district through a united effort of its members.

Board & Committees

All meetings are held online. Contact the office for access.

Outreach Committee - Develops and maintains relationships with stakeholders and important entities including local businesses, property owners, City staff, and various government agencies.
First Tuesdays, 8:30am.

Clean,Green and Safe Committee - Plans and executes key programs that are vital to the Downtown Association including managing the L&L Assessment and operational functions for street maintenance, event execution, and volunteers. (formerly Operations Committee)
Second Tuesdays, 10:00am.

Marketing Committee - Develops the Downtown Association’s long-term marketing plan, creating a consistent brand and key messaging strategy to bring visitors to the downtown; plans and implements public events.
Third Mondays, 9:30am.

Board of Directors - Provides oversight and governance of the association, determines the annual budget, and represents the membership on issues that affect the District. Board members are elected by the membership.
Meets last Wednesday of the month, 8:30am.

Board Packets

2021/22 Annual BIA Report & Work Plan

2021 Annual Meeting Presentation: Achievements & Goals


Strategic Plan - 2020 Vision (Summary)

Strategic Plan - 2020 Vision (Presentation)

2021 Board Induction & Achievements/Goals

Downtown Mixers

All in-person events are on hold at this time. Please join us online for our monthly Business Town Hall: 2nd Tuesdays @ 2.


Updates with essential news are currently being emailed weekly.

Not receiving our emails? Please contact the DABA office.

Nov 5, 2021

Oct 29, 2021

Oct 8, 2021

Sept 17, 2021


Past Newsletters:

2020 Archives

2019 Archives

2018 Archives

Things To Know

If you are new to the downtown district, please make sure to review the information below and drop us a note so we can welcome you and help you take advantage of all of the benefits of being part of the downtown community.

The Downtown Alameda Business Association's staff are available to answer any questions you may have about our Downtown community -- send us an email, call, or schedule a meeting.

Join Us!  Share Ideas!  Learn from Others!

Town Hall: 2nd Tuesdays @ 2

Learn what's being done to support our local business community and get your questions answered. This MONTHLY online session is held in partnership with the City of Alameda and open to all Alameda businesses.

Private Email Forum

Looking for advice or referrals? Do you want to alert downtown businesses of a happening? Communicate directly with other downtown business owners and managers with one email...

Private Facebook Group

Members are invited to join our PRIVATE discussion group. Communicate directly with other business owners and managers in our district... Share ideas, ask for advice, post alerts.

Recent & Notable Page Updates
11/20/21 added - FY20/21 Financials (Committees)
11/19/21 updated - Upcoming Webinars & Workshops for Businesses (Webinars)
11/10/21 added - Holiday Promotions (Dashboard)
11/5/21 updated - Link to latest Weekly Update for Businesses (Newsletters)
10/22/21 added - October Board Packet (Committees)
8/19/21 updated - Link to request Mask Face Required signs (Dashboard)
8/10/21 added - City Staff Recommendations for Commercial Streets Program (Streets)
8/2/21 added - Indoor Masking Requirements (Safety)
7/12/21 added - Link to Facade Grant Program (Dashboard)

COVID-19 Updates for Businesses

Effective August 3, 2021: All individuals within the County of Alameda are required to wear face coverings when indoors in workplaces and public settings, with limited exemptions. Businesses, venue operators, individuals, hosts, and others responsible for operation of indoor public settings must:

  1. Require all patrons to wear face coverings for all indoor settings, regardless of their vaccination status; and
  2. Post clearly visible and easy-to-read signage at all entry points to communicate the masking requirements to all patrons.

It's also recommended that businesses make face coverings available to individuals entering the business.

REOPENING BUSINESSES SAFELY - Updated Guidance Coming Soon!

Employers can help stop the spread of COVID-19 by ensuring that they follow the state and local guidelines and supporting employees’ decisions to stay home.

In following California's Blueprint for a Safer Economy, all businesses need to take steps to reduce the risk of COVID-19 by creating a safe environment for both workers and customers. Before reopening, businesses are required to:

    1. Implement a Site-Specific Protection Plan (SPP - updated Oct. 1)
    2. Train employees on how to do a self-assessment for symptoms and stay home if they have them
    3. Implement screening controls of employees upon arrival at the workplace
    4. Regularly clean and disinfect (EPA approved list of disinfectants)
    5. Implement physical distancing guidelines at the workplace
    6. Ensure all persons are wearing a face covering in your business
    7. Comply with all guidance issued by the State, County, and City
    8. Know how to report a confirmed or suspected COVID-19-case

Required: Guidance for Businesses Allowed to Reopen
Please remember that when guidance is provided by both County and State, the stricter rules apply. Industry-Specific Guidance documents are provided in multiple languages on the County's COVID Recovery page for businesses. Additional industry guidance is available on the California website .

Required: Site-Specific Protection Plan
All businesses and organizations allowed to operate under the current Shelter in Place Health Order must develop a written Site-Specific Protection Plan (SPP) to show how your business is providing a safe, clean environment for workers and customers. To help businesses meet the requirement, the County provides guidance and a template in Appendix A.

Required: Social Distancing & Face Coverings
The current Shelter in Place Order requires face coverings to be worn when around others outside the home. Signage should be posted at each business entrance to remind customers, staff, vendors, and others of the requirement for face coverings, social distancing, and other health protocols you have in place. A sample sign to be posted at your entrance can be found on the Face Covering FAQs page.

the reopen guide

As we slowly begin to open, we are happy to present “the reopen guide.” These actionable steps will help you transition into the next phase while maintaining safe spaces for workers and customers.


open for business

We're providing an easy-to-share list  for community members who are looking for ways to support you. Please add or update the status of your Downtown Alameda business.



On Tuesday, November 2, the City Council approved the continuance of the Commercial Streets Program for two more years including the Park Street reconfiguration, parklets, Alameda Avenue, enhanced parking management, and City-wide use permit for businesses to use outdoor space for commercial purposes. More details to be announced.

Summary of City staff's recommendations:

  • Park Street Reconfiguration. Maintain the existing striping on Park Street for at least the next two years.
  • Temporary Parklet Program. Revise the temporary parklet program to allow for semi-permanent parklets that meet a higher safety and aesthetic standard.
  • Parking Regulations. Return to parking regulations that were in effect before 2020, while also adding some short term parking, loading zones, and disabled parking in select areas.
  • Alameda Ave Al Fresco Dining. Maintain the half-block closure of Alameda Ave until the street is repaved (anticipated for 2023) or until the Downtown Alameda Business Association no longer wishes to manage the space, whichever occurs first.
  • Temporary Citywide Use Permit. Allow the existing citywide conditional use permit for outdoor dining and commercial activities in private parking lots to expire on November 1, 2021. Individual businesses that wish to continue to use their lots for commercial uses may apply for a site-specific permanent use permit.

The full recommendations can be found on the Commercial Streets web page:

The Downtown Association has been working closely with City staff to develop and launch a multi-pronged Commercial Streets Program to support the health of our businesses and the community. The goal of the program is to make it easy to set up commercial activity on the sidewalks and streamlines the permit approval process for creating parklets (using parking spaces). The program also reconfigured a portion of Park Street to greatly increase the area available for pedestrian passage and commercial uses.

To help maintain safe conditions, the City has put together a comprehensive two-page "Safe Outdoor Commercial Activities" code compliance tip sheet.

Parklet Webinar (July 9)

Park Street Realignment
Park Street between San Jose Ave and Lincoln Ave has been reduced to two lanes to slow down traffic and to greatly increase the outdoor area available for safe passage of people walking, shopping, and eating downtown. The former curbside parking spaces next to the curb can be used for outdoor dining, customer seating, and other commercial activities (see info on Parklets). The former outside traffic lane is strictly for pickup/dropoff with a maximum 15-minutes parking. This configuration is expected to be in place through October 2021, or longer if necessary.

Curbside Pickup
Businesses outside of the Park Street Realignment area can request to have existing on-street parking converted to curbside pick-up or short-term parking. Email with your name, business name and address, and parking meter number. The City will make requested changes, as feasible. (15-minute pick up zones have already been created in the Park Street Reconfiguration area.)

With a parklet, any business in the downtown district can convert the parking space(s) in front of or near your business into an area for outdoor dining, retail, or other allowable service. The City has streamlined the parklet permit process and it's free to apply. The Parklet Encroachment Permit Application, the Parklet Conditions, and the Parklet Design Guidelines can be found on the Commercial Streets web page. Additionally, we've put together an easy-to-use Parklet Application Checklist.

Commercial Use on Sidewalks
Businesses can set up outdoor dining, retail, and other allowable services on the sidewalks in front of their storefront-- no permits are needed. You'll need to follow the conditions outlined here, including maintaining a minimum 8-feet of clear sidewalk space along Park Street and a minimum 6-feet on the side streets. Additional information and detailed parameters can be found on the Commercial Streets web page.

Private Parking Lots & Outdoor Spaces
Businesses can use their privately-owned outdoor space and parking lots for outdoor dining, retail, and other allowable commercial uses. ADA parking spaces and access needs to be maintained at all times. In most cases, plans and permit applications do not need to be submitted to the City -- although permits are required for canopies larger than 10x10. Additional information and detailed parameters can be found on the Commercial Streets web page.

Details for utilizing outdoor spaces are available on the city's Commercial Streets web page. If you still have questions about activating any of these areas, please contact Kathy Weber at 510-523-1392 or email


The City of Alameda committed to keeping businesses up-to-date with relevant information. Regular updates and information that may help business owners with the economic impacts of COVID-19 are being posted on the city's website:

  • Business Reopening Guide
  • Webinars + Town Halls
  • Business Loans & Grants
  • Tax Extensions, Deferments, and Credits
  • Eviction Relief for Businesses
  • Unemployment Assistance and Work Sharing
  • Other Resources for Businesses

What's Open Alameda? Directory: Over 240 businesses are listed on this new, user-friendly directory for all Alameda businesses open during the COVID-19 pandemic. Registration only takes a few minutes, and allows you to add information on specials, COVID-19 safety measures, curbside/delivery info, or anything else you would like to share with your customers. Add your business here

Feed Alameda: The City of Alameda launched a new campaign that will feed the most vulnerable members of our community while supporting local restaurants. Learn More & Donate

Alameda Strong Community Fund: In partnership with our local business associations, the City has launched an "Alameda Strong" campaign to raise money for Alameda businesses, residents, and non-profits adversely impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. As part of the grant awards, small businesses and non-profits could receive up to $7,500; sole proprietor businesses could receive $3,750. The goal is to raise over $1 million for grants that can help our most vulnerable small businesses. Help get the word out about this program:


Effective August 3: Face coverings are required indoors, regardless of vaccination status. Businesses have the right to request all customers to show proof of vaccination upon entering their shops, restaurants, or offices. There are no capacity limits.

Local organizations are available to help equip you with tools and guide you through the economic difficulties posed by COVID-19:

  • EAST Bay Score offers business counselling services, including help with applying for a SBA Disaster Assistance Loan. All counseling sessions are conducted by telephone, video, or email. East Bay Score can be reached at 510-273-6611 or
  • Alameda County SBDC provides one-on-one counselling for small businesses and has a wealth of information about resources and programs. Free online webinars are available featuring interviews with experts in capital resource, e-commerce, and more.

Small Business Survival Guide and Resources
California SBDC has compiled the latest news and resources in a Small Business Survival Guide that helps employers and employees get through the economic hardship of COVID-19 and prepare for a stronger reopen:

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