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Downtown Alameda Business Association
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Downtown Alameda Business Associaton
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The Downtown Alameda Business Association was first formed in 1981 and serves as a support network for the 450+ businesses located within Alameda's Park Street Business Improvement Area. The Downtown Association's goal is to develop an economically prosperous business district through a united effort of its members. 

The Downtown Alameda Business Association is a 501(c)(6) non-profit organization.

Monthly Mixers

Business mixers are held the third Wednesday of most months. The mixers provide an opportunity for our members to network and receive district updates. Bring your business card for a chance to win a door prize!

Next Downtown Mixer: Annual Holiday Party & District Awards
Date:         Wednesday, December 7
Time:         6:00-9:00pm
Location:  Elks Lodge, 2255 Santa Clara Ave
There is no mixer in November. Take the hour you had scheduled to spend with us at the mixer and give an hour of service to someone (or something) instead.


Board of Directors - Provides oversight and governance of the association, determines the annual budget, and represents the membership on issues that affect the District. Board members are elected by the membership. 
Meets last Wednesdays, 8:00am.

City & Economic Relations Committee - Assists the City in recruiting new businesses to the District, retaining current businesses, and addresses community and governmental concerns that might affect our members. 
Meets first Tuesdays, 8:30am.

Maintenance & Improvement Committee - Addresses street maintenance and landscape issues, recycling/composting for the District, public safety issues, and bike parking. 
Meets second Tuesdays, 9:00am.

Membership Committee - Greets new members to the District, plans networking events like our monthly mixers, and ensures members are informed of news pertaining to the District. 
Meets third Mondays, Noon.

Promotions Committee - Reviews and negotiates promotional opportunities for the district, plans public fundraising and promotional events, and coordinates sponsorship efforts for our annual business directory. 
Meets third Tuesdays, 8:30am.

Business Improvement Area

Business Improvement Areas (BIAs) are used extensively throughout California to promote a healthy retail/service climate as well as a district that is aesthetically pleasing and clean. Perhaps the biggest advantage to being in a Business Improvement Area is the knowledge that the welfare of the district is being actively pursued by both hired staff and civic-minded volunteers.

The Park Street Business Improvement Area was formed in 1989 and codified in the Alameda Municipal Code (AMC), Section 6-7. The Park Street area includes the "Theatre District" (Zone A) and the surrounding downtown business area (Zone B). Every year, the City Council re-adopts the BIA and sets the levy that becomes "dues" for businesses located within the designated improvement area. 

The Park Street BIA is managed by the Downtown Alameda Business Association (formerly known as the Park Street Business Association). Revenues from the BIA directly benefit businesses located in Downtown Alameda through the general promotion of business activities and public events, beautification and ambiance, construction and maintenance of parking facilities, and special projects benefitting the business area.

Businesses located in and around Park Street should contact the Downtown Alameda Business Association for full details.

More information about the City of Alameda's Business Improvement Areas (BIA's) and annual assessment reports are available on the City of Alameda website:

Background info for the 2017/2018 Fiscal Year (BIA address list, BIA fee schedule, Downtown Association work plan):
City Council agenda item (May 2, 2017)

Downtown Association By-Laws

The Downtown Alameda Business Association (DABA) serves as a support network for the businesses located in Alameda's Park Street Business District. The Downtown Association's goal is to develop an economically prosperous business district through a united effort of its members.  Downtown Association By-Laws, revised 3/26/14
Financial information concerning the Downtown Association may be obtained by contacting us at: 
Downtown Alameda Business Association, 2447 Santa Clara Ave #302, Alameda CA 94501; Phone: (510) 523-1392