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Rachel Rosenfeld at The Codependency Clinic in Alameda
1926 Park Street, Suite 2, Alameda

The Codependency Clinic

The Codependency Clinic is specifically designed for codependency recovery. We treat people facing codependency, adults raised in dysfunctional families, adult children of alcoholics, and adult children of narcissists. Office, phone, and Skype appointments available.

Dr. Lin Armienti received her doctorate in Clinical Psychology from  Biola University. Lin focuses on treating adults impacted by complex trauma.

Dr. Rachel Rosenfeld is the director of The Codependency Clinic and the founder of Alameda Counseling Services, a non-profit providing psychological services to low- and moderate-income individuals in Alameda. She received her PsyD in Clinical Psychology at John F. Kennedy University. Rachel was trained in intensive codependency recovery treatment at The Meadows Treatment Center

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