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Art Fusion: Contrasting Dynamic Action with the Harmony of Natural Landscapes

WHEN: Fri Jun 23 | 7:00 pm - 10:00 pm
WHERE: 2309A Encinal Avenue

Join us at 3Dot Art Gallery for an extraordinary event bringing together two talented artists with distinct styles and a musician active in the LGBTQ community. “Art Fusion: Contrasting Dynamic Action with the Harmony of Natural Landscapes” aims to showcase the power of art in perceiving movement in both an action-packed illustrative style and the dynamic, yet serene, landscapes of nature. The event will feature a curated exhibition of the artists’ works, musical performances, and experiences that engage and inspire visitors.

* Diane Stendahl – Surreal Landscapes in Wood and Resin:

Diane is a talented and visionary artist who specializes in creating breathtaking landscapes using a combination of wood and resin. Her mesmerizing artworks capture the essence and beauty of natural landscapes and evoke a sense of wonder and serenity. The unique combination of wood and resin in Diane’s work results in a stunning fusion of organic and synthetic materials, beautifully reflecting the ever-changing aspects of landscapes.

* Steven Yu – Comic book and Graphic Novel Artist:

Steven Yu is a comic book creator, filmmaker, and martial arts enthusiast. His work has been described as “Claude Monet” meets “80’s Action Films”. Along with his watercolor and ink illustrations, Steven will be showcasing his “The Swordsmen” canvas series. His latest graphic novel, Joan: Vol 1, a gonzo medieval spaghetti western that’s a love letter to 90’s anime, John Woo movies, and the dialogue of Quentin Tarantino is now available in PHYSICAL and DIGITAL form at:
– Steven will have prints, original inks, and, of course, JOAN comics available at 3Dot Art Gallery! 

* Grey Starr of Pretty Frankenstein:

Enjoy a live performance by Grey Starr of the band Pretty Frankenstein who will provide entertainment for the evening. Grey will provide their talent, energy, and message of inclusivity through a series of engaging musical sets

Art Fusion: Contrasting Dynamic Action with the Harmony of Natural Landscapes

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