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Carving the Divine: Buddhist Sculptors of Japan

WHEN: Sun Apr 21 | 2:00 pm - 4:30 pm
WHERE: 2513 Blanding Ave

An Award-Winning Film by Yujiro Seki

Co-presented by the Buddhist Temple of Alameda

“Carving the Divine” is a beautifully made documentary film that offers a rare look into the art of busshi, a 1400-year-old Buddhist woodcarving tradition, and the practitioners struggling to preserve its legacy in a rapidly changing Japan.

“‘Carving the Divine’ is more than a movie about amazing wood sculptors of Japan. To me, the movie is about the Master-Apprentice, or the Master-Disciple relationship, and how this is still being transmitted in the traditional manner…..stern, but yet ultimately kind, in training the apprentice to be a true artist in both skill and spirit.” — Rev. Marvin HaradaBishop, Buddhist Churches of America

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