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Ship of Fools: A Giant Puppet Odyssey

WHEN: Fri Aug 04 | 6:30 pm - 8:00 pm
WHERE: 1925 Sherman St

A Family-Friendly Performance with String & Shadow Puppet Theater at Jean Sweeney Park


Under layers of colorful fabric and dancing cardboard, 6 puppeteers, 3 musicians and 3 mimes bring to life a story of friendship, love, loss and acceptance in String & Shadow Puppet Theater’s newest production, Ship of Fools: A Giant Puppet Odyssey.


Aboard a mysteriously sentient ship, three mimes set sail from the Port of Styx across the mythical boundary waters connecting the world of the living to the underworld. Along the way, they encounter a world of beautiful and strange creatures: hermit crabs carrying houses on their backs, a ghostly humpback whale, and much more.


Bring your blanket, dinner, friends and family, and enjoy this magical, larger-than-life production at Jean Sweeney Open Space Park.


Doors open at 6pm for seating.

Ship of Fools: A Giant Puppet Odyssey

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