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Feel Good Bakery

Feel Good Bakery Alameda

We bake fresh daily using the finest ingredients and never compromise on quality. Feel Good Bakery brings New York and Paris to the San Francisco Bay Area creating a bakery that really feels good! Located inside the Marketplace.

Alameda Bagels & Donuts

Alameda Bagels & Donuts

We’re striving to become the best local bagel shop in Alameda. From breakfast to lunch, we have an egg and cheese bagels, Lox sandwiches, chocolate donuts, and hot & cold Vietnamese coffee.

We make fresh donuts and bagels every morning with a variety of homemade cream cheese and fresh fruit smoothies with our own homemade recipe and method.

We pride ourselves on only carrying the highest-quality menu. Stop by for a taste and to say hello.


Homeskillet Alameda

Homeskillet is a family owned and operated restaurant. Donuts are their specialty… crafted in-house and handmade the old fashioned way! In addition, they offer an extensive menu that includes hearty traditional breakfast and lunch items.

Crispian Bakery

Crispian Bakery Alameda

Crispian Bakery is a small-batch bakery producing French-inspired American breads and pastries for the San Francisco Bay Area.

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