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Treats by Mrs. T

Let us show you how sweet life can be with Treats by Mrs. T!

After rediscovering her love for baking in 2020, Mrs. T began offering her signature cookie to friends & neighbors in their hometown of Alameda. Quickly gaining a following of repeat customers, word of these delectable delights started to spread. Requests for party trays, thank-you gifts, employees appreciation treats, individually wrapped treats and more came pouring in, and Treats by Mrs. T was born.

Fikscue Craft BBQ

Fikscue is an Indonesian-Texan barbecue restaurant, infusing smoke into Indonesian flavors. This is Fik and Reka Saleh’s first brick-and-mortor after three years as a pop up running on delivery and online pick up orders. They are bringing their one-of-a-kind mashup of Texas-style barbecue and Indonesian cuisine to our district every Saturday and Sunday from 12-5pm, or until sold out.

Tasty Point

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At Tasty Point, everyone gets their own hot pot! Try the Taiwanese Spicy Hot Pot or the Tom Yum Shrimp Hot Pot for something different.

Lao and Sushi Bistro

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Lao and Sushi Bistro offers the unique experience where you can enjoy a wide variety of flavorful Lao favorites and fresh Japanese dishes. Where else can you order some nam kao or a bowl of kao soy gai with a side sushi roll?

Sushi only available Friday-Sunday.

MO’s Wine Bar

MO’s is a new neighborhood wine bar in Alameda, focused on women owners and producers, where you can enjoy quality wine, beer and locally sourced food in a friendly atmosphere. Just Pop in!

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