Joona Design Playground

Joona Design Playground in Park Street Plaza Alameda

Joona Design Playground offers high-touch design and in-house fabrication to discerning clientele in the greater San Francisco Bay Area and around the world. The Joona aesthetic is warm and eclectic, melding custom-made, heirloom-quality creations with the findings of a life well-lived. We specialize in all-natural upholstery, innovative curtain making & contemporary hard treatments, color &…

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Clean Sidewalks+

Clean Sidewalks Plus

Pressure and power washing services including pavement cleaning, chewing gum removal, and graffiti removal. Pressure and power washing is more complex than you might think! As with the choice of water temperature, the nature of the stains and surfaces will require different kinds of accessories, ranging from nozzles to surface scrubbers. Clean Sidewalks+ are experienced…

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Common Networks

Common Networks Alameda internet provider

We believe that everyone deserves high-speed, affordable internet service. Broadband internet gives access to world-class education, instant communication, endless entertainment, and even medical care. Right now 62% of the US is stuck with an expensive monopoly provider or nothing at all. It’s no wonder most people’s service is slow and expensive. We’re building fast, reliable,…

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RJV Elements

RJV Elements Powerwashing Oakland and East Bay

RJV Elements is committed to providing eco-friendly solutions to your commercial and residential property’s power washing and cleaning needs. Our partnered approach between the building owner and/or management, engineers and RJV Element’s team ensures that we accomplish consistent, reliable, efficient, and superior quality work. We have the knowledge, equipment, and training to deliver outstanding results.

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