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Pho Nation

[image: pho nation]

Enjoy favorite pho dishes, in addition to cocktails, a full bar and music. Open daily from 5pm-2am.

Pho Nation Express

Baguette Alameda

Pho Nation Express is a Vietnamese food shop. They feature an ample variety of pho, vermicelli, rice plates, egg puffs, as well as snacks. There is ample seating in a welcoming atmosphere to enjoy your meal and a tea.

Wild Ginger

Spicy street food from the western regions of China.

Pho Sinh Restaurant

Pho Sinh Restaurant Alameda

In addition to Pho, Pho Sinh favorites include Bun Cha Ha Noi (marinated, broiled pork served with vermicelli, salad and special sauce), Cha Ca Thang Long (filets of sole served with vermicelli, salad and peanut sauce), and Nom Du Du Kho Bo (papaya salad).

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