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Ozone skate shop Alameda

A self-described “one stop shop,” Ozone sells skateboards, t-shirts, cosmetic contact lenses, tattoo supplies, incense, cell phones, and much more.

A smoke shop is in the back, with restricted access to people over 21 years of age. The shop does body piercings and has a wide selection of jewelry.

D20 Games

D20 Games Alameda

D20 Games is a place to play. We are dedicated to face-to-face play, good fun, and fair play. Our first focus is on live play of “Magic the Gathering,” drafts, and constructed events

Alameda Bicycle

Alameda Bicycle

It’s not enough just to sell bikes. Alameda Bicycle also wants to make sure that the people who buy them use them and enjoy them. Alameda Bicycle builds a community and encourages lifestyles that are healthy and sustainable.

Loved by locals since 1969! Alameda Bicycle offers attitude-free, expert advice to help you (re)discover the joy of cycling.

Stone’s Cyclery

Stone’s Cyclery Alameda

Stone’s Cyclery has been building bikes for over sixty years. We specialize in Bob Jackson, Waterford and Gunnar touring and sport frames. Our passion for craftsmanship and classic design are visual in every bike we build.

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