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Building a Greener Economy in Downtown Alameda

Earth Day AlamedaWith Earth Day being celebrated in Alameda this Saturday, April 21, it’s a terrific time to reflect on how the Downtown Alameda businesses do their part to protect the environment and make Alameda a greener community every day.

Common green practices in the district include reducing water use with low flow toilets and auto-off faucets; conserving energy by upgrading lighting and equipment; diverting waste from the landfill through reuse, recycling, and composting; and using non-toxic or low-toxic cleaners.

When it comes to being green, the Downtown Alameda has racked up some impressive numbers:

  • Over 45 businesses have participated in Alameda Municipal Power’s energy efficiency programs in the past 3 years.
  • More than 30 businesses have signed up for AMP’s “Alameda Green” program, helps bring more renewable energy to Alameda.
  • Nearly 75 restaurants and eateries participate in “organic” recycling of all food waste. According to Alameda County Industries, that’s over 1/3 of all participating businesses on the island.
  • Over 20 retail shops sell almost exclusively reused and reclaimed items… clothing, furniture, toys, antiques, videos, books, and more.
  • 4 downtown businesses have recently completed the new ReThink Disposable: Unpackage Alameda program and have switched more of their disposable items to re-usable items, with dozens more ready to “graduate.”

As a commitment to sustainability, eleven Downtown Alameda businesses have taken steps to become a Certified Green Business. The green practices of these business has been verified by the California Green Business Network

Alameda Cellars Wines & Liquors (2425 Encinal Ave), Alameda Free Library (1550 Oak Street), Alameda Natural Grocery (1650 Park Street), Beanery of Alameda (1650 Park Street), East End (1650 Park Street), Greens & Grains (1650 Park Street), Lee Auto Supply (1525 Park Street), Litho Process (1818 Park Street), Pappo (2320 Central Ave), Rhythmix Cultural Works (2513 Blanding Ave), and West Advertising (1410 Park Ave).

Downtown Alameda businesses are helping to build a greener, more sustainable economy.

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