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Dispatch Goods Available at Alameda Restaurants

Lola's Chicken Shack using Disposable Goods reusable containers in Alameda

Who is ready to enjoy restaurant take-out without the waste? No more plastic… no more single-use packaging…

Dispatch Goods has recently launched in Alameda to help our community solve the ever increasing problem with restaurant take-out foodware, and to give restaurant owners a new option to comply with Alameda’s Disposable Foodware Reduction Law (no more plastic, effective Jan 2019).

We have three amazing restaurants that have started offering the reusable foodware service provided by Dispatch Goods. Julie’s Coffee & Tea Garden, Spinning Bones, and Lola’s Chicken Shack not only offer Dispatch Goods reusable containers, but the restaurants are also hosting return bins.

Look for the service to launch soon at Speisekammer.

Join us in supporting this pioneering business. With the help of Dispatch Goods and the community, local restaurants can prevent thousands of pieces of plastic from entering landfills and waterways.

(pictured above: fresh hand-breaded Chicken Tenders and Cobb Salad from Lola’s Chicken Shack)

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