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Help Feed Alameda’s Frontline

Buy meals for healthcare workers at Alameda Hospital - campaign by CASA.

You can now support local healthcare heroes while also supporting our wonderful Alameda restaurants.

A new Feed Alameda’s Frontline meal sign-up program launched by CASA (Community Action for a Sustainable Alameda) enables community members to treat our local healthcare heroes with meals delivered from Alameda restaurants.

Goal = Keep everyone thriving.

Alameda Hospital is supported by a large team of nurses, doctors, and staff working tirelessly during the COVID-19 pandemic. They are ensuring our Alameda community receives the best possible treatment and testing options. They are fielding calls and providing virtual and on-site patient support for COVID-19 and other health issues.

CASA COVID-19 Community Resilience

The campaign was created in close coordination with the Alameda Hospital Foundation. The goal is to coordinate delivery to the hospital of at least 20 lunches and 20 dinners per day thru early May. Given their intense focus right now, healthcare workers would SO appreciate your donation of lunch and/or dinner. 

If you’d like to contribute OR share the sign-up page with others to buy 10 or 20 meals, please CLICK HERE.

CASA is dedicating current efforts towards community resilience, and working to sustain all of those around us. This includes driving ongoing donations to the Alameda Food Bank, Meals on Wheels, and our local small businesses. More information can be found on their new COVID-19 Community Resilience webpage.

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