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High Scores Reimagines Classic Arcade Game

New arcade game at High Scores Alameda

Shawn Livernoche installs the arcade’s lastest gaming console. (photo courtesy SF Chronicle)

Remember sitting in computer lab carefully weighing your rations, assessing the health of your oxen, and trying to get to the other side of the Snake River? You can now play the computer game Oregon Trail as an arcade machine. High Scores Arcade has reimagined the beloved circa 1974 educational game via a first-of-its-kind arcade cabinet playable to the public.

With hand-burnt wood construction, brushed copper finish metal work, and wagon-wheel inspired speaker grates, the game cabinet has been meticulously constructed by Denver, CO artist Sam Bahman under the direction of High Scores owners Shawn and Megan Livernoche. Adding to the original feel of the cabinet are hand-drawn and inked artwork for the game bezel, side art, and marquee created by Brighton, CO artist Brandon Hovet. The game also includes an IBM keyboard as the control interface, inviting the gamer to an authentic experience of playing some of PC gaming’s earliest adventure and text-based titles.

Players can select games via a user interface created by High Scores manager, Jonathan Williams. In addition to Oregon Trail, the multi-game cabinet offers arcade classics such as Lemonade StandLode Runner, Prince of Persia, and DOOM. Also playable are a carefully curated collection of text-only adventures such as Colossal Cave Adventure and towering classics like ZORK. The system also dedicates some digital real estate to the adventure game powerhouse Sierra Online, featuring Mystery House, Kings Quest, Space Quest, and Leisure Suit Larry

High Scores Arcade is a retro arcade offering an incredible collection of classic video games for public play.

Located in the heart of Downtown Alameda at 1414 Park Street, High Scores is open every day during the summer. Come visit the arcade where gaming history is abundant, and no adventure has been forgotten.

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