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Local Businesses Un-Package Alameda

Rethink Disposable Youth Park Street Litter ArtCongratulations to Lola’s Chicken Shack for being the first business in Alameda to complete its certification with ReThink Disposable’s “Un-packaging Alameda Island” initiative — a new project put together by the Clean Water Fund and the City of Alameda in coordination with the Downtown Alameda Business Association and the West Alameda Business Association.

Mother and son team Nancy and Mark Rogers opened Lola’s Chicken Shack on Park Street in late 2013. They were the first business in Alameda to sign up for ReThink Disposable, when they heard that the program would work with them to figure out how to replace items like disposable cups with reusable plastic ones. Signing up has not only helped the environment but it’s also saved the business some money, too.

Recently, Lola’s Chicken Shack has begun using reusable straws. “We’ve been getting compliments each day for championing a reusable lifestyle over disposable plastic straws,” said Mark Rogers. “Customers know the straws go through the dishwasher and are sanitized, so they’ve been a big hit.”

ReThink Disposable Student Ambassadors

ReThink Disposable student ambassadors are working to raise awareness in the community about the impact of disposable foodware and single-use plastics. The students recently conducted litter audits on Park Street to profile the types and brands of litter. In the process, they collected the litter and created artwork which is now on display at Tucker’s Ice Cream

The student ambassadors offer these tips for reducing the use of single-use products:

  • Bring your own mug to the coffee shop
Bring your own bag to the grocery store
  • Use a reusable straw or go without

The ReThink Disposable project is funded by the Ocean Protection Council and aims to keep disposable trash out of the oceans by working with businesses to switch more of their disposable items to re-usable items.

If you’d like to find out which Alameda businesses are working to become ReThink Disposable certified, you can find out more at

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