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Alameda Neon Walking Tour

WHEN: Sun Dec 11 | 4:00 pm - 5:15 pm
WHERE: 2305 Santa Clara Avenu

Take a twilight tour of the historic town of Alameda, CA and see an all-star collection of vintage neon signs.

This tour route winds through a quiet bungalow neighborhood and the commercial corridors of Alameda, architecture insights and historical backstories included. From the grandeur of the Alameda Theater neon blade sign to the nearly invisible Pop Inn, downtown Alameda boasts a fine collection of vintage signs. This hour-long tour is hosted by Alameda local historian, Devi L. Dahl and SF Neon’s Al Barna. Space is limited so book early.

Meet on sidewalk in front of John S. Towata FLOWERS sign.

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Alameda Neon Walking Tour

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